Sunday January 31, 2021

Location: LIVE Virtual

Frost Extreme

Registration Fees
What you will need

Wifi in your practice facility

A smartphone/iPad/laptop to capture your full routine

A large enough practice space to perform your routine full-out

How the event will work

In an effort to keep all athletes, coaches and parents safe throughout these unprecedented times, we have decided to offer LIVE Virtual events in November, December and January of this season.  Our goal is to ensure everyone's safety while still allowing for a LIVE virtual competitive event!

All programs will have until January 22nd to register.  On January 24th, program directors will receive a detailed schedule with a time slot for their registered divisions as well as login information to the live stream. This will allow for all divisions to watch each of their competitors live.    On January 31st, all divisions will perform live with live simultaneous judging.  The performances will then be posted to our registration system for coach/spectator viewing.   Each program will receive access to view the videos in their registered divisions.  The same panel of judges will score each division.  Deductions and completed score sheets will then be emailed to coaches for their review.  Score Sheet Review will be set up for your use should you have any questions as well.  Facebook Live Award ceremonies will take place throughout the day.

Should any program have an issue accessing a performance space on the exact date, please contact us to schedule a time to record your LIVE performance.  On the day of the event, your recorded live performance will be live streamed as part of the event!

Spectators will have the option to purchase Watch Party passes for $10 a pass to view the entire LIVE event via our Watch Party application as well!

Award & Bid Information

Team Award - All teams will receive a team banner

Level Grand Champion Award - All level Grand Champions will receive a T-Shirt

Spirit Extreme Nationals Bids

- PAID Bids to the Spirit Extreme Nationals - one PAID bid will be presented to one team in each of the categories throughout the event: Rec, All Star Prep, All Star, School and Dance

- 1st Place through Honorable Mention bids to the Spirit Extreme Nationals will be presented to every competing team

Paid Bid Declaration Process

1. The team with the highest score in each session will received the Paid Bid.

2. If there is a tie, the team with the fewest combined deductions will win.

3. If both teams have the same deductions, the team with the highest combined performance score will win.

4. If both teams have the same performance score, the winner will be declared by judges' choice.