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All Star Divisions - See USASF 2022-2023 Divisions

School Cheer Divisions

Rec Cheer - Performance - See Varsity Spirit 2022-2023 Divisions

(please note, Spirit Extreme does not distinguish between Affiliated vs Non-Affiliated)

Rec Cheer - Traditional

Dance Divisions - See USASF 2022-2023 Divisions



Spirit Extreme uses the following scoring system:


All Star Scoring *

Performance Rec Scoring

Traditional Rec Scoring

School Scoring

Dance Scoring

Deduction System

Score Sheets

All-Star Elite Score Sheets

All-Star Prep Score Sheets

All-Star Novice Score Sheets

All-Star Tiny Novice Score Sheets

Performance Rec Level 1 Score Sheets

Performance Rec Levels 2-4 Score Sheets

Traditional Rec Score Sheets

School Score Sheets

Score Sheet Review Process

* Exception to All Star Scoring: Quantity related items will be scored by Max number or Full Team whichever is greater

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