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Sunday April 6, 2025

Location: Timber Creek High School 

501 Jarvis Rd, Sicklerville, NJ

Spring Fling

Registration Fees

Please contact us for registration fee and pricing information.

Event Information
Spectator Fees
$15 per spectator - CASH ONLY

Children 4 and under are free

Free car and bus parking available.


54 x 42 Spring Performance Floor

12 x 42 Foam Mat (Partner Stunt/Pyramid)

54 x 42 Foam Warm Up Floor

12 x 60 Spring Mat (Tumble)

Additional Information

- EMT / Medical Trainer will be on site for the event
- Upfront Viewing Area for Coaches Only
- Qualified & Trained Judges

- Score Sheet Review Process

Award & Bid Information

Team Award - All teams will receive a team banner

Spirit Extreme Nationals Bids

- PAID Bids to the Spirit Extreme Nationals - one PAID bid will be presented to one team in each of the categories throughout the event: Rec, All Star Prep, All Star, School and Dance

Paid Bid Declaration Process

1. The team with the highest score in each session will received the Paid Bid.

2. If there is a tie, the team with the fewest combined deductions will win.

3. If both teams have the same deductions, the team with the highest combined performance score will win.

4. If both teams have the same performance score, the winner will be declared by judges' choice.

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